Henry VII

Henry VII
1. King of the Germans and Holy Roman Emperor (1275-1313)
Instance Hypernyms: ↑King of the Germans, ↑Holy Roman Emperor
2. first Tudor king of England from 1485 to 1509; head of the house of Lancaster in the War of the Roses; defeated Richard III at Bosworth Field and was proclaimed king; married the daughter of Edward IV and so united the houses of York and Lancaster (1457-1509)
Syn: ↑Henry Tudor
Instance Hypernyms: ↑King of England, ↑King of Great Britain
Member Holonyms: ↑Tudor, ↑House of Tudor

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1. ("Henry of Luxembourg") 1275?-1313, king of Germany 1309-13 and emperor of the Holy Roman Empire 1312-13.
2. (Henry Tudor) 1457-1509, king of England 1485-1509: first king of the house of Tudor.

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Henry VII [Henry VII]
(1457–1509) king of England (1485–1509), the first ↑Tudor king. Born Henry Tudor, he was brought up in France. In 1485 he led a ↑rebellion against ↑Richard III, defeated him at the Battle of Bosworth Field and became king. In 1486 he married the daughter of Edward, uniting the House of ↑Lancaster (to which he belonged) and the House of ↑York and so bringing the ↑Wars of the Roses to an end. Although there were ↑rebellions during his rule, including those led by Lambert Simnel and Perkin Warbeck, Henry established greater order in the country, introduced a more modern system of government and greatly improved the country’s financial position.

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